Technology/Laser Dentistry

We are proud to be the first pediatric dental practice in the San Francisco Bay Area to offer Solea laser dentistry to our patients.

At Aloha, we strive to stay current with all of the latest technology pediatric dentistry has to offer.  Our doctors regularly attend continuing education courses to stay knowledgeable about the latest advances and best treatment methods in our field. 

An exciting technology we have introduced into our practice is Solea laser dentistry.

What is Solea?

Solea is the first COdental laser system which has been approved by the FDA for both hard and soft tissue dental procedures.  It was developed in Boston, Massachusetts in conjunction with research performed through the University of California at San Francisco over the past thirty years.  Its unique laser wavelength allows it to perform procedures ranging from dental fillings to gum surgeries. 

Why Solea?

Oftentimes procedures can be performed without using local anesthesia.  This includes treating cavities and restoring teeth with dental fillings.  Avoiding the use of needles and experiencing no numb feeling during or afterwards leads to a more comfortable visit for our patients.  This also means we can often complete more treatment in one visit leading to less appointments and significant time savings. Without the numb feeling, patients are free to go about their day afterwards as normal, eating and drinking right away.