Safety FAQ’s

Your child’s safety is of the utmost importance to us.  To ensure a clean and sterile environment we follow strict procedures as well as invest in the latest equipment and products…

How do you ensure the water and equipment used in my child’s mouth is safe?

  • We use DentaPure Straws to disinfect our water so only the cleanest water is used to rinse your child’s teeth.

  • Water lines are treated with antibacterials regularly and flushed daily to ensure clean water.

  • SafeFlo Valves are used on suction tips to eliminate backflow cross contamination.

  • Regular monitoring and testing of sterilizers ensures optimal effectiveness.

How do you minimize Xray radiation exposure to my child?

  • Our digital X-Ray system utilizes an additional advanced filter that further reduces exposure to the patient.

How do you disinfect the toys children play with in your offices?

  • Toys are disinfected daily using kid-friendly spray that kills all viruses and turns into saline after 10 minutes, making it safe for kiddos to touch.