Tooth Brushing

Developing Good Brushing Habits

For most toddlers, getting them to brush their teeth can be quite a challenge. Some suggestions for making tooth brushing less of a battle can include:

  • We recommend picking a few toothbrushes with your child so they feel a part of the “tooth brushing” process.
  • Tooth brushing is more effective as a team process. A child can begin brushing their own teeth first, and a parent can help them complete the task.
  • It can also be a good idea to create a “tooth brushing routine” and stick to the same routine each day.
  • Reading your child books about oral health and toothbrushing helps promote a positive dental experience. For a list of books we recommend, click here: Book Recommendations.
  • Use one of our Brushing Charts, shown below. Click here for a PDF version of Hula the Magic Dragon , Aloha Bear , or AlohaFish if you want to print at home.

The Toothsavers Brushing Game is a fun and educational new game which allows your child to save a fairy tale kingdom with their toothbrush.

If you’d like to download this game to your device,

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